V-118 Replacing Cooling Unit on Dometic RM 3807

Our fridge died. Again. We had this trouble 2 years ago and replaced the cooling unit with a refurbished one, it failed right away. We replaced it again and it only lasted about a month.
This last one, which was the 3rd one, managed to last about 2 years and we’re just done so we purchased a brand new one from the Amish. (Link below)
I’ll remove the fridge, with a little help from some friends and dismantle the back, taking off the old and replacing with the new unit. This is how I did it. I’m no professional but it works like never before!
Replacing Cooling Unit on Dometic RM 3807
We ordered our unit from –
*** rvcoolingunit-info@comcast.net
If you wanted to use a refurbished unit, one can be ordered here –
Little Red Cap Clam Shell Caulk Saving Cap, Red (Pack of 16)

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